I began studying and playing music from age 9, originally learning the cello and playing in school orchestras. I took up the guitar in the sixties and moved on to the 5 string banjo in 1968. I taught myself to play using various instruction books, records and by a desire toplay.

I have recorded 2 CDs with my former bluegrass band, Okefenokee, and 2 CDs with my present band The Thunderdog Ceilidh Band.

Mel Bay have published a book of tunes called

Celtic Tune Encyclopedia for 5-String Banjo


Alligator Shuffle – Okefenokee (1992)

No Hiding Place – Okefenokee (1996)

The Thunderdog Ceilidh Band (2003)

The Dogs' Frolics – The Thunderdog Ceilidh Band (2006)


MacLachlan’s Jig